[CD] Toshiyuki Yasuda: Breaking the Silence (Version 10.3.3) (White × Gold)


安田寿之6thソロアルバム。ポップ、先進的、エモーショナルという安田寿之の特徴である3要素を昇華しきったエレクトロニックミュージック。話題になったキユーピー株式会社や株式会社トライテラスへのCM曲をリアレンジし、「Landfall」(3) や「Invisible Rays」(4) として収録。



Sleeve: White, (Real) Sealing Stamp: Gold

Toshiyuki Yasuda's 6th solo album. The distinction of his works, that is, mixing of Pop / Advanced / Emotional sublimates characteristic electronic music. Including compositions for TV ads for Kewpie and Tri Terasu (3, 4) which affected people's attention when broadcasted.
The first music album produced by "Version Up Music" executed as a crowdfunding project by Toshiyuki Yasuda in 2016. It is a brand new music production method utilizing listeners' feedbacks like application or software.
The album title "Breaking the Silence" represents a dramatic silence between a conversation, a grand human history acquiring their first language (a slight African mood), the first word of a child, a stir into a conventional music industry and etc.

(Giving premium Robo*Brazileira coasters paired.)




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